Saturday, December 9, 2017

Looking for last minute bonsai gifts?

Often times around this time of year people realize their friend has a bonsai hobby, but may not know enough about bonsai themselves to pick a good gift out. Try this bonsai gift guide for gifts that will still get there before Christmas!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Gold Coast Bonsai Annual Bonsai Auction

Gold Coast Bonsai Society will be having their annual bonsai auction on April 11, 2009 at the City of Sunrise Parks and Leisure Department at 9:30 AM.

6800 Sunset Strip
Sunrise, FL
(Next door to the fire station in the meeting row next to the police substation)

This auction is open to the public and should have a great selection of bonsai trees, bonsai material, pots, and tools. In addition to the live auction there will be a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the club 100%. It is a great opportunity to get exception bonsai trees at good prices.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red azalea bonsai

Azalea are known for their spectacular flower displays in the spring. They are a slow growing semi to full evergreen that have a bushy growth pattern. They enjoy warm temperatures, partial sun, and acidic soil.

Take care to ensure the roots never fully dry out. For optimal results water with rainwater or distilled water and fertilize with fertilizers labeled for acid loving plants.

Learn more about this red azalea here.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mimosa as bonsai

Known for its eruption of flowers in the spring the mimosa can make an attractive flowering bonsai.

The mimosa was brought to the US from parts of Persia and Asia in the 1700s and became popular in many southern states.

The large fernlike leaves give this tree a feminine graceful look. We recommend this drought tolerant bonsai be grown outdoors in full sun in USDA zones 6-9. Learn more about this mimosa silk tree.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bonsai for Mother's Day

Here is a list of bonsai that make great mother's day gifts. If you are in need of mother's day gift ideas check out this list!

The Powder Puff, calliandra haematocephala, is a pretty flowering tree that loves heat and sun. This tree will be easiest to care for if your mom lives in hot tropical zones (USDA 9-11) such as Florida and Texas. It has a fragrant pink bloom that can appear all year in hotter areas. The powder puff is tolerant of underwatering as well. This tree will do well on a sunny patio.

This jasmine, trachelospermum jasminoides, bonsai is normally a bushy vine, but is trained into tree form here. They have fragrant white flowers that cluster in groups of 3-12. They are also very fragrant and tend to turn pink as they age. This is another good pick for warmer climate zones because they will bloom continuously throughout the year there. This can be kept indoors in very sunny locations although it will have best results outside. Trachelospermum jasminoides goes by the common name of confederate jasmine or star jasmine. This bonsai will do best in USDA zones 8-10.

This rather unique wine grape bonsai (cabernet) is a remarkable gift to help celebrate any occasion. Bearing tiny edible grapes, this stunning Wine Grape Bonsai Tree is a living masterpiece and an endless source of delight. It has been skillfully cultivated, pruned and shaped over the years to produce a classic wine grape which hangs in clusters from this vineyard treasure. This tree is deciduous and should be kept outdoors. Due to its seasonal nature it will not have foliage in the winter months.

Another great outdoor pick, the gardenia (jasminoides radicans), fills with fragrant blooms May through August in the right zones and care. Gardenias very popular in Florida. Try placing in an area with air flow to distribute the fragrance of the flowers for the most enjoyment. They can be grown in sun or partial shade and tend to prefer acidically balanced fertilizers.

Flowering bougainvillea bonsai tree. The navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811) gave his name to this genus. Originally from tropical and sub-tropical America. Popularly known as the "Paper Flower" with very delicate deep pink flowers that look like paper. Actually, the flowers are bracts of leaves at the tip of the stems that turn a brilliant pink in color. Can bloom for most of the year if given sufficient sun. Can be grown indoors in sunny locations.

Although not really a bonsai, this red anthurium planted in lava rock makes a very nice flowering plant to give as a gift. It does well indoors and the flower lasts a long time. Keep in a saucer or tray filled with water and place in direct sun.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ed Trout Buttonwood Stolen!

I just received word from an email from the Bonsai Society of Florida that Ed Trout's buttonwood was stolen.

"I have some very bad news. Last night, some low life stole my ( our ) logo buttonwood from my back yard. It was no more than 8 feet from my back door. I am sad & sick, and feel like someone has kidnapped a family member. Please help me get the word out. Ed"

This was the signature bonsai of the Gold Coast Bonsai club. I've personally seen Ed Work this tree and it is amazing. Here is a picture I took approximately two months ago of Ed working on this tree at our Gold Coast Bonsai meeting. Get the word out. Let's find who took this tree!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chinese Elm, what a great bonsai

The chinese elm grows fast and is easily trainable into bonsai form. It has naturally small leaves and can grow in a variety of different areas and conditions. In warmer climates it is only semi-deciduous and is fully deciduous in colder climates. It is hardy to climate zones 5B-10A.

The chinese elm is a recommended tree for beginners to bonsai and can be grown in sunny or shady locations. With proper lighting and care this bonsai tree may also be kept indoors. Learn more about this chinese elm.

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