Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hinoki cypress bonsai

The hinoki cypress is a Japan native held sacred to devotees of Shinto. It is hardy in the US in zones 4A to 8A. The featherleaf variety of the hinoki cypress has softer and more narrow leaves. New growth starts as a golden yellow color that matures to green. The species has a red bark that peels in strips.

Although very attractive, this tree can be a challenge for beginners to keep in bonsai form. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure the tree receives full sun and that it is never allowed to dry out completely.

Learn more about the hinoki cypress shown here.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Things to know and do before buying a bonsai tree

  1. Research the species first
  2. If your tree naturally grows in the shade some will need to be provided (naturally or via shade cloth).
  3. Rotating your bonsai tree several times per growing season will help to ensure all areas receive exposure to the sun.
  4. Try not to handle your bonsai daily. Leaving it alone will allow the root system to develop.
  5. If the tree species you are considering does not grow well in your area in the ground then the chances are it won't do any better as a bonsai.
  6. Using a well draining soil mix is key.
  7. Research common pests and ailments associated with the tree species.
  8. Join a bonsai club.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dawn redwood bonsai

Rediscovered in China over 60 years ago the Dawn Redwood or metasequoia is a deciduous tree with needle-like leaves that turn from yellow to bronze before falling off in the winter.

Enthusiasts enjoy the dawn redwood for its thick trunk that is orange to brown in color. They are extremely hardy and grow well outdoors in full sun.

Learn more about the dawn redwood.

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