Saturday, December 22, 2007

Juniper torulosa (hollywood) project

Against the advice of everyone and my own research I am going to try and bonsai this interesting juniper torulosa, hollywood, tree that I found at the home improvement store.

Apparently their branching and foliage are not very interesting to most experts. Consequently, most agree that your time can be better spent on other species.

I am going to give it a shot anyway for some practice at the very least.

Here is a picture of a much older one created by artist Shig Mia.

So I started by seeing what the most interesting branches were and thinned out the others. After, I took 2mm gauge aluminum training wire and wired the branches. Admittedly, I was very sloppy with the wire, but it got the job done. I stopped here because I don't like doing too much at once. This still needs a lot more work.

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